The drive to faith

It was raining pretty much constantly, and not all that warm, either, when we got to the coast.  But we still had a fabulous time, and managed to get back in time for me to make the last rehearsal for the play reading I'm in this weekend, a Book-it theater adaptation of Jim Lynch's wonderful book, The Highest Tide.

It seems odd to think that we've had the wettest, coldest spring on record here, and so much of the rest of the country is suffering so from drought and heat; it's as challenging to understand as the way the water carves out some sections of the beach and not others; why earthquakes and freak tides happen (as they do in this play.) 

As my character says at one point near the end of the play, "Do you understand?  That's the thing about the earth: It doesn't stop to acknowledge the daily disasters of the living.  It just keeps on spinning and sucking.  I think that's what drives people toward faith, that unsettling realization that the physical world goes on without them, before them, after them, without recognition of sympathy."

So.  How about you?  What drives you toward faith?


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