Let it be, let it be

My internet has been down since yesterday afternoon, so I've spent the last 24 hours dealing with repairmen, cleaning out my office, and moving books around (I picked up a wonderful new bookcase at a garage sale, and am moving books out of our bedroom onto the new case so we can get my husband's books off the floor and onto the bedroom bookshelves -- hazards of living with a book addict).

In between I got to play, making art. Most of the pieces are only so-so -- which usually just means they're not done yet -- but I love this one, and have named it "Mother Mary Comes to Me."

And of course, given the appointments I've had to reschedule in order to accommodate QWEST's repair schedule, which then happened earlier than expected, I'm a little frantic, so I think she showed up just to whisper her words of wisdom -- "Let it be, Let it be."

Of course, given my sense of humor, I look at the image and think "Even if you've been screwed... let it be, let it be."... which reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who felt she was being jerked around by some out-of-town guests who might or might not show up.  I really just wanted to say, "Let it be, Let it be."  The Buddhists tell us we create most -- if not all -- of our own suffering by how we react to stuff; I suspect they're right most of the time.  Which is not to say I'm good at letting it be.  But I am learning to accept responsibility for the role I play in getting myself stressed out. 

And somehow looking at this image, with its soothing blues, warm yellows, and sort of watery quality (though none of the images that are layered in here have water in them) does calm me a bit.  Maybe I need to mount it and hang it over my computer; I bet this one would look really good on metal!


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