Ah, peace.

Ah, peace.

The hammering men have left, my house is newly shingled, and my time -- for the next few days -- is all my own. 

Yes, I plan to do some extra meditating (though I didn't get any meditation time this morning).  But mostly I just look forward to getting my house in order: cleaning up in all those places that tend to go untouched; getting organized, finally sorting through all my books and papers from school, filing what I need to keep and tossing the rest; getting caught up on some long overdue chores... Simple pleasures.

... and this morning, on my weekly coffee date, my friend pointed out that it's really those of us who can find joy in those simple pleasures who live the truly joyful lives.  When we can find pleasure in a cup of coffee, a morning birdsong, light traffic, a tidy office, time spent in the garden, weeding --instead of scrambling for more and better -- it's definitely easier to keep our spirits up.

So.  Where will you find joy today?  I'm just going to sit here and revel in the absence of the pounding. So lovely...


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