Full moon meanderings

When I awoke yesterday morning at 5:30 and came downstairs, the moon was so bright in the living room I thought my husband had left a light on.  Now I know there are people who say that the idea that life gets weird when there's a full moon is just hogwash, but I am not one of those people.  I wasn't quite sure where the day was going, but given a moon like this I could at least be certain there would be surprises.

And there were; they just kept unfolding, big ones and little ones; small coincidences and bizarre ones, all of which could, I suppose, be written off.  But I felt like I was held aloft in the hand of the Holy, and it was great fun.  Timing was perfect, repeatedly, in events and in traffic, and when, coming back from the airport, we missed a ferry by minutes, it was more than compensated for by our accidental involvement in a Progressive Insurance commercial.

So later, in the evening, when I came down with a whopper of a cold, I should not have been surprised: this too, I kept telling myself, must be part of the plan.  And when the runny nose was briefly joined by a bout of stomach flu, leaving me weak and headachey for much of today when I had a HUGE to-do list on my plate, was that not part of the plan as well?

Why do we assume only the good stuff means God is walking -- even dancing -- with us?  Couldn't the tough stuff just be a different kind of opportunity to sense the Divine Presence?  I did my best to see it that way, and did my best, as well, to look more closely at that list to see what -- if anything -- might be set aside for a day or two while I recovered.  Unfortunately most everything is stuff I promised as part of my volunteer work, so I'm grateful I managed to perk up quite a bit by mid-day. 

And now the toughest task with the shortest deadline is done, and I can finally sit down and tackle the blog -- always a bright spot in my day!  But I also think I'll pass on poem writing today... yesterday's poem fits this post quite well enough, I think.  More important to rest and get some food into my empty belly!


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