When the storms come

As usual, Thanksgiving Week brings blustery weather: fierce winds, driving rains, and high tides for some reason seem to dominate this particular week in the Northwest.  So some part of us is glad to leave, but another part longs to stay and watch over the home front as the storm gods roll in...

Though I get that God loves me, I have a lot of trouble trusting that everything will be okay in my absence.  After all, what's okay for me may not be what's best for my growth, or my neighbors, or the planet.  The problem is: I've never thought I should or could presume to understand God's plans or the workings of God's mind... Which doesn't necessarily give me the sense of security so readily available to the more evangelical Christians of my acquaintance.

But I do understand that there are people -- our dear neighbors in particular -- who will watch over our home and our animals in the event of severe difficulties, just as we will watch over theirs when they leave for Christmas. But there are actually nice people everywhere who have a way of stepping up to the plate in a storm: for example -- the first big high tide hit yesterday, enhanced by a low barometer, and the guys working the construction project down the street, hampered by the water, spent their time filling in some of the new potholes their trucks have created, as well as some of the old ones their trucks have significantly enhanced. We were surprised and pleased, and thanked them profusely.

So what do YOU do when circumstances prohibit you from spending your time as planned?  When the power goes out, or the weather or illness keep you housebound?  Grumble?  Enjoy some unexpected bath, reading, or breathing time?  Take a walk? Shop?  Offer to help out a friend?

What we choose to do in moments like these says a lot about who we are...


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