Coincidence or providence?

Our gallery has invited me to participate in their upcoming show: it's all about barns and farms and all things rural, and (since it's their December show) its title is "E-I-E-I-Ho-Ho-Ho."

I'm delighted, as always to be invited, but this show is particularly exciting for me because it provides a lovely excuse for me to do three things I'm naturally inclined to do at this point anyway: photograph barns and farms (you may remember I'm headed for Vermont in the near future), to explore the possible images garnered in other photographic excursions to Vermont as well as to our own rural environments (particularly the Skagit Valley), and to continue experimenting with this sort of painterly technique I've been investigating this year.

And is this yet another coincidence -- that my assignment for this fall turns out to be pretty much exactly what I want to do? I don't know; I'm reluctant to declare it either coincidence or divine providence.  And of course I have no way of knowing -- for a while at least -- if what I will be creating over the next month or two will prove at all appealing to the gallery: despite the radical nature of the techniques, the results have a sort of classic, old-fashioned feel that may not fit into the parameters of a collection that tends to lean toward more modern pieces.

So I won't be limiting myself to these explorations: I'm thinking the barns might also lend themselves to some amazing possibilities in black and white.  For now, however, I'm just going to play: one of the best aspects of choosing to explore art is getting the opportunity to create something you would love to own, and this piece definitely falls into that category!


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