"In every moment lies an opportunity to affirm, support, love, and be thankful or to hide, hurt, run, and resent.  The choice is ours."

--Andrew Kennedy, in Befriending Life: Encounters with Henri Nouwen

We have, on our street, a pair of feuding neighbors.  One couple pretty much has the support of most of the neighborhood, but as we watch the battle and the stakes escalate I am saddened: the choices now, on both sides, seem to be motivated largely by fury and revenge. 

When do we say, "Enough is enough?"  Or can we?  This choice plays out in countless ways in our community, our nation, and the world: one bully gets out of hand, using power and money to accrete and abuse, and then the righteously angry ones step in to curtail, contain, and ultimately punish,  often descending -- as we saw at Abu Ghraib -- to levels equally heinous in the throes of retaliation.

Choices.  We all make them.  But are we making good ones?


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