Mixed blessings

I'd been struggling all day yesterday to get any sense of where my art was going, so I wasn't prepared for it to make a sudden breakthrough at 11:00 last night.  I went to bed anyway, but even though I'd finished an image, the discovery it represented really excited me, so much so that the creative juices were just roiling away inside and wouldn't let me sleep. 

So I got up and played some more; didn't finally crawl into bed until after 2 am.  And then, of course, the workmen picked today to appear at 7:30 to start shingling the house: I was awakened by the dog's frantic barking and had to throw on clothes and stumble wearily downstairs to meet with the contractor.


This is the second image: it got birthed somewhere between midnight and 2, and I'm not sure it was worth the pain.  But I does sort of depict the roiling depths of those juices last night -- and I like the sort of murkiness of it; the sturm und drang -- although maybe that's because that's how it feels here with all the hammering; our cats are TOTALLY freaked out.

So that's it: I haven't really slept, haven't meditated, haven't done my morning reading, and am trying to type with a cat lying on my wrists.  But in the end all the broken and peeling shingles will be gone.  And I'm not completely sure, but I have a feeling this new direction in imaging will keep me exploring possibilities, busy and fed for months to come.

So it's all good: like life, full of mixed blessings!


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