The Heart's Coronation

I was standing on the deck yesterday evening, taking pictures of the sunset over the mountains, when my husband came out to give me a hug.  We ducked under the roof to avoid a sudden rainshower, and then turned to go in and I noticed my garden buddha was glowing red beneath the tree.  And it was one of those divine moments, when you feel your heart soften...

It's amazing, isn't it, what gifts the sun brings to us each day -- light, and color, and power, and warmth.  But then, perhaps when you live in the Northwest you just appreciate it more because you go for so many months without it.

After writing this I turned to the Hafiz poem for today from Daniel Ladinsky's A Year with Hafiz; it seems to work...

 The Heart's Coronation

The pawn always sits stunned, chained,
unable to move beneath God's magnificent

It is essential for the heart's coronation
for the pawn to realize

there is nothing but divine movement in 
this world.


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