Welcoming whole-heartedness

For several days now I've been out walking the dog in the evening, and have seen this charming vignette peeking out at me from behind my neighbor's woodpile.  I just love the fuchsia chair with the bright red nasturtiums, but there was never enough light to take the picture.

But yesterday morning we had fog, so I slipped over in my bathrobe (no one's out at our end of the street at 7 am) and snapped a couple of quick ones.  It's not great photography -- just a record shot -- but like just about everything else to do with these neighbors it makes me feel good.

I think it has something to do with the whole-heartedness with which they approach the world: almost everything they do, they do with gusto, with joy, with light hearts and playfulness and yet thoughtfully, with consideration and, well -- courage.  And I really appreciate the spirit of that. 

Here's another perspective on those same nasturtiums: see what I mean?  Doesn't this adorable garden just brighten your day?

I hope so -- have a great day!


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